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In God's hands

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and we have two beautiful children. Grace is 10 and loves gymnastics. Austin is 8 and loves Jiujitsu, football, and baseball! 

I enjoy fishing, hunting, and crossfit. When able to, I like volunteering at an amazing school! I love Jesus and give all glory to God! I knew at a young age that my career would be some type of care-taker role. As a nurse, it was instilled in me to treat patients holistically. While getting my masters degree at LSU, I took classes that at the time I thought were unnecessary. I remember someone referring to what they were learning in other programs as the "meat and potatoes". We were getting that and the "vegetables". Getting to know patients and why they make decisions, such as not taking their medications, really is just as important as being able to prescribe the medication! I coached liver patients for 10 years at Chabert Medical Center and grew to love encouraging them to make life-long changes. I really began practicing lifestyle medicine (LM) there before I even knew what it was. In 2020, I got certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. There was no better time to learn more about empowering patients to make life changes that could better their health and improve their chances of survival than during a major pandemic! After 18 years, I left Chabert in December of 2020 with the intent of working full time in Houma concentrating on growing my business. God's plans were slightly different. I called a colleague and friend who was always an amazing mentor. She invited me to see how her clinic was doing and I haven't left since! I enjoy practicing LM there with an amazing team of professionals. I bring the knowledge and insight that I gain from there, and put it into practice here in Houma. I also have the privilege of working with Dr. Jeffrey Rau and his staff part time. I recently started a fitness studio where we will bringing Pilates reformer, barre, indoor cycling, and Zumba to life with some amazing instructors! As you can see, I love to learn and continue to find ways to help improve your health and wellbeing! 

I look forward to helping you and your family set and exceed your healthcare goals! Are you up for the challenge? 



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